Welcome to Is It Secret, Is It Safe! We are three friends who've started a collaborative blog to provide a space for us to showcase all things that inspire us. Thanks for visiting!

Hi! I'm Katie, a contributor to this blog! I'm a 25 years old and I have a degree in Library Science. Here's a list of things that I like:
- Fancy dessert, especially cake                   - Maneki Neko
- Dresses                                                   - Foreign movies
- German literature                                    - Reality T.V. of all types
- Korean/Japanese dramas                          - Sailor inspired
- Post-apocalyptic movies/books                - Breakin' stuff

Hello!  My name is Erin.  I'm super fortunate to have two of the greatest friends in the whole world in Katie and Sarah!! And I really like exclamation points!!! I am 26 and will be finishing my degree in business in just a few short months.  I have a strange obsession with weapon earrings (hence the fully functioning pocket knives in my ears above)! I also really love kitties and glitter.  As a matter of fact, weapons, kittens, and glitter make me happier than they really should!