Sunday, October 30, 2011

                                       Dress: Anthropologie
                                       Sweater: Forever21
                                       Tights: Target (I think!)
                                       Shoes: Forever21
                                       Belt: Gap
                                       Scarf: H&M

Fact: I take awkward photos.  Awkwardness is my forte in general, but it really seems to come through in my pictures! I only know one pose, which involves facing forward and smiling, head slightly turned to one side. When I venture out from this, things turn out a hot mess.  This is mostly a source of amusement for me, but unfortunately, this skill (we'll just call it a skill) is not so great for blogs which involve lots of pictures of yourself.  So I'm just going to apologize right now for only having two photos of this outfit, because these were the less awkward of them all! (btw, Sarah, I don't mean you took bad pictures!)
Anyway, this outfit isn't super innovative or fancy, but I like wearing it because it's comfy and seems fall-ish!  My favorite is probably the scarf because it basically goes with everything, and it has a bunch of pretty flowers on it.  The tights are pretty fun, too!

In other news, I ate about six French macarons so far. My sister's friend is trying out a macaron business, and I get to be her guinea pig! Best deal ever! I think I'm going to start describing my days in terms of how many macarons I've had that day.  Toady has been a six macaron day!


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  1. Pretty pictures, I love the way you styled the scarf!

    <3 Rachel