Monday, October 17, 2011

                                         Dress: Vintage
                                         Sweater: Forever21
                                         Shoes: Forever21

I found this dress at a vintage shop above an antique store, and I kind of fell in love with it.  I own a slew of blue dresses, but I think this one happens to be my favorite at the moment.  I love the striped mesh bodice and the satin bow belt.  I wish I would have found it earlier this year because it's probably a little too summery, but I plan to wear it for as long as I can!
My shoes used to be leopard print, but I didn't really wear them a lot, so I decided to throw a bunch of red glitter on them.  When I was younger, my favorite movie was The Wizard of Oz, and that was almost entirely because of Dorothy's red, sparkly shoes, so ever since then, it's been my dream to have a pair myself. After coming across a tutorial online on how to DIY your own pair of sparkly shoes, I decided I needed to live out my dream of owning a pair of ruby red slippers and sacrificed my leopard print heels.  Now I'm having a hard time restraining myself from covering everything I own in glitter! It just makes everything so much better!

1 comment:

  1. the dress is absolutely adorable! and when I saw the flats, all I could think of was Dorothy... so great job! :)