Sunday, November 13, 2011

Leggings for Every Leg

I'm a plus-sized girl and, for the most part, I don't have a problem with my body.  I generally wear whatever I feel like wearing, in whatever color I please.  For the past year, though, I've been struggling with the issue of....leggings.  I love them.  They look like the most comfortable things on Earth.  In the words of Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there". 
And why don't I?  Because as a chubby former gymnast, I am super self-conscious about my legs.  Specifically, about my thighs.  However, this week I had a little breakthrough.  I didn't find The Perfect Legging, but I *did* decide to stop caring about my thighs.  Life is too short to worry about my dang legs.  Seriously.

And you know what I discovered?  This outfit is SERIOUSLY COMFORTABLE.  Snow boots + leggings + cardigan and scarf = warm, snuggly happiness.

cardigan: anthropologie.  scarf: pendleton portland collection.  leggings: yummy tummy.  boots: sorel.  tote: internationalbirds via etsy.  belt:  vintage.


  1. aw, you look really cute. Honestly. I love your scarf. It's great you are confident in your self image! That's always are difficult thing to achieve, especially for us girls.


  2. Love the scarf tucked into the belt - and it's such a cute print! You ROCK those leggings, and I love what you said! It's so true, there is so much more to worry about than our body image... we all will ALWAYS find things wrong with ourselves. Bottom line, you look great and your confidence shows through that! :) Happy Monday and week!

  3. aw, thanks girls! what i *didn't* mention in my post is that, as katie and i were walking to take these pics, my crazy neighbor yelled "HEY, ARE YOU EXPECTING??" from across the street!! i didn't know whether to murder him, change my clothes, or just laugh!

  4. Well, you look great in these leggings! This outfit looks so cozy and comfy...and I love your scarf!
    Life is a romantic poem

  5. And about that stupid neighbour...don't believe him! You really don't look like you're pregnant at all!

  6. Hello! Lovely blog you share here! I usually don't do this.. and even less as a first time visiter.. I don't know if I'm a plus size girl but I'm certainly not skinny. I think the belt is pretty contrary, it makes a "packed" impression on me.. imagine the scarf and the jacket floating freely without the belt.. I think that would look much better =) As I wrote before, don't be angry with me ;) I usually don't do this but sometimes my heart cries when it sees something like this because I'm fed up with all the "if you are big you can't look good and have to do strange tricks.." Of course I'm open to critic.. there are also some outfitposts on my blog ;)