Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Embracing the Poncho

There was a time in my life when I scoffed at ponchos, I'll admit.  Thankfully, I've come to appreciate their awesomeness.  And by awesomeness, I mean comfort.  As my downstairs neighbor Lee likes to inform me, it's like wearing an afghan in public.  She says it with love.  I think.
In any case, this poncho combines my love of Pendleton wool with my love of avoiding bright colors.  It was meant to be.

sorry for the hair weirdness here...

poncho: Pendleton Portland Collection,  shirt underneath: H&M,  jeans: Z Cavaricci,  shoes:  Minnetonka

knitted bangle: made by me, similar available in our shop. assorted metal bangles: so old I don't remember
Also, Katie, Erin and I will be participating in our first craft show this March!  It's called the Green with Indie Craft Show and we're super excited about it.  The theme of the show is upcycled, recycled, or otherwise environmentally friendly crafts, which is a concept we can totally get behind!  Katie will have her adorable sweater clips and pins (made from upcycled clip-on earrings), along with her origami bobby pins (made from recycled paper, including junk mail), and I'll have more knitted bangles (knitted onto upcycled thrift store bangles) and some reusable project and shopping bags.
If any of you are going to be in the St. Louis area on March 10, we would love to meet you in person!
- Sarah


  1. I adore !

  2. I think I quite like the poncho! Although it's stupidly hot here so I would be sweating like a silly person. AGAIN I am thinking about Gandalf because of your blog, haha. Awesome.

  3. Your poncho is so cute, I adore the print <3

  4. What a cute poncho, I love the neck, and you look great in it! Also, good luck for your first craft show!
    Life is a romantic poem

  5. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you blolovin!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
    bloglovin follower

  6. i too have recently come to adore ponchos. the key is to get something classic and not too flashy (i just think of that first episode of ugly betty...), and this fits the bill perfectly! love it :)