Monday, May 21, 2012

Walk in the Park

Dress: Vintage
Belt: Vintage from another dress
Shoes: Frorever21, DIY glitter
Necklace: Great Grandmother's

Here are a few pictures from my weekend. On Friday, Sarah, Matt, Erin and I went to this new pinball bar in St. Louis. It was a nice place. They didn't even make fun of me when I asked to exchange my $2 bills for $1 bills! I discovered that I'm super bad at pinball, but it was a lot of fun anyway!  My favorite ones were the Last Action Hero and Star Wars.  There was also skee-ball, which I already remembered I was bad at from all the times I tried playing it when I was younger. 
This dress might be my favorite thing I have in my closet right now.  I say that about every dress that I  own, but it's true this time.  I've been wanting to find the perfect white dress for summer and I think this is it! I went to Blueberry Hill on Saturday (Yes, I'm admitting to wearing it two days in a row. Whatevs!) and wore it with a pair of  saddle colored penny loafers and my hair pulled back in a pony tail.  I liked it even better! I didn't capture a picture of it, though. Also, I don't know if 'saddle' is even a color, but I'm going with it.  I hope everyone had a good weekend, too!


  1. that dress is totally amazing!!! i love it. also, pinball is so fun and addictive. my friend and i went to a vintage pinball museum in las vegas last summer and got sucked in!

  2. What an amazing vintage dress! It looks beautiful on you.

    A pinball bar sounds like a blast - though I am horrible at it :D

  3. That dress is absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm totally jealous that you own it and I don't.
    Ps... My game is skee ball. I'm terrible at pinball.

  4. Wow, you look beautiful-that dress is gorgeous. I think white dresses are always my favorite.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

  5. Oh my, what a perfect white dress- so lovely and looks great on you (I also like the cute belt!).
    Pinball sounds so much fun :) I'm very bad at it too, but I always enjoy it so much!

    Life is a romantic poem

  6. that dress is a serious DREAM. wow!


  7. You look so cute!!