Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lazy Summer

Dress: Vintage, Keil's
Belt: Vintage, My Vintage Addiction
Shoes: Thrifted, Buffalo Exchange

It's been way too hot lately to go outside and take pictures, so I decided to try taking some in my room. Room shots are not easy (at least not in my room) because it's hard to find an alright setting that has enough space to get the entire outfit in. These pictures are a bit on the awkward side, but I figured it does the job, and it also compelled me to make my bed, which I haven't done in about 6 months. My room is the sort of room where absolutely nothing matches.  It's a mishmash of everything I've collected over the years that I've tried to jam into one tiny space.  I figured I wasn't going to try to redo anything because I didn't think I'd be staying here very long, but months have turned into a couple years, so I probably should have invested in at least a different paint color.  Oh well!
Anyway, it has been pointed out to me that I've been buying (and wearing) the same style of dress for the past few months.  I guess I've been really digging the 1950s day dress, because that's all I want to wear lately.  They're just so summery looking,  although they aren't very conducive to extremely hot weather (I think the longer sleeve length makes them unexpectedly hot!). I've been wearing them all summer. I feel like I need to accessorize these outfits a little more, but adding more accessories just makes me feel hotter, so I choose keep it simple. I can't wait for winter! Or just temperatures that are under 100 degrees!



  1. Love the belt. Indoor pictures are especially difficult for me, so I try to make it outside even when I'm sweating to death.

  2. I'm so in love with this dress. I don't blame you for wearing 1950's day dresses so often, they work so well on you. And they're so great on their own that a lack of accessories isn't even noticeable at all :)

  3. This dress looks amazing! I'm lusting over 50s day dresses too (especially shirtwaist dresses) and this one is really lovely <3 plus, it suits you so well!

    Life is a romantic poem

  4. That is such a sweet dress. I love it.