Monday, October 8, 2012

Impure Hair

Dress: vintage
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Vintage

Maybe it's my proximity to the Mason-Dixon line, but every single morning when I wake up, my only real goal for the day is to have massive hair. Today was the day! A combination of rag curls and two-day-old backcombed hair helped in achieving my morning time dreams.  If only my hair could be this big every day! I've considered getting a perm, because going through the hassle of trying to get any volume or body in my hair is a super annoying, and it usually only lasts for about two hours before it all falls flat again.  I've had previous experience with perms in grade school, however,  and my inner third grade self screams in terror every time I contemplate one because it was such an abomination to the eyes.  My hair dresser permed my bangs! My bangs! So I guess I'll just invest in a teasing come and some hairspray for now.

My weekend was fairly eventful.  My friend, Katie, got married on Saturday, so I went to her wedding with some of my friends who I've known since high school (I've actually known Katie since Kindergarten), which was really fun!  Although I'm still friends with my high school friends, it's rare that we are all in the same place together at one time, so it great that we could all be there! Afterwards, I went to see my friend's band! I hope everyone else had a good weekend, too!



  1. love the dress, and your necklace. and I wouldn't go for a perm - my sister got one, for the volume, and all she ended up with was some lousy curls that's won't go away :)

  2. your hair looks awwweesssoommeee!

  3. holy crap. That last picture is amazing. It's so ethereally beautiful, but quirky and modern at the same time.

    Love this! Need to try out big hair - I always keep mine pretty flat. You look like an Anthropologie model in all of thes pictures! Big hair, feminine dress, quirky statement jewelry - honestly, you're like their doppleganger.

    Such an eclectic, but pretty look. Really like your styling.


  4. Yes!! I absolutely love big, voluminous hair and you pull it off so well! :)