Thursday, November 29, 2012

Balloon Adventure

Jacket : Vintage, My Vintage Addiction
Dress: Vintage
Sweater: Vintage
Shoes: Halogens
Tights: Anthropologie

I got this jacket a couple months ago at a local vintage shop, and it has fast become an obsession.  It's getting late in the season now, and I wish I would have more time to wear it, but it isn't super warm to 30 degree weather! There's always next year I guess! This outfit would have been a little more exciting if I would have remembered to wear a different pair of tights that are grey and have a bunch of dots all over them. They're super cute, but I guess I had amnesia when I put this outfit together. Oh well! The dress and the sweater are probably two of my most used items in my wardrobe right now.  They both match with I'm pretty much anything.

Lately, I've been more in the crafting mood.  All I want to do right now is stay inside and make things while I watch movies.  The next post I do, I plan on showing a few of the things I've made, most of which are fancy hair accessories! I hardly ever wear anything in my hair, but I have a tendency to hoard fancy, sparkly hair things like a magpie.  I like to know that I have the option of wearing them when I want!



  1. awesome sweaters! and tat balloon pin is the cutest:)

  2. Love this outfit! You are so cute, love your blog and style!