Friday, December 7, 2012

The Arts

 I said I would share some of the things I've been working on lately in the last post, so here they are!  This first piece is one of my favorite things I've started, and it took me FOREVER, but it was worth it.  Earlier in the fall, I became kinda obsessed with Ulyana Sergenko's embroidered holly head pieces. Since those are pretty much unattainable to me,  I do what I always do when I can't afford fancy things I want; I try to reproduce them! I made the hollies out of wooden beads and embroidery floss, and the leaves out of wire and floss.  It's definitely not as neat looking as hers, but I think it's not too bad for a first attempt!

This headband was inspired by one of Martha Stewart's crafts on costume jewelry makeovers.  I got the velvet ribbon from the holiday wrapping section in Anthropologie, and the bracelet was my great-grandmother's.  We had a ton of costume jewelry hanging around from my great-aunt and grandma, but now I can't find most of it.  I went on a hunt for more last weekend, but I was unaware how dang expensive that stuff is!

These tights were inspired by my sweater that I made last year, which was inspired by a modcloth sweater.  I like them because they remind me of a party! On my legs! Anyway, those are a few highlights of some of the things I've been making.  I hope to make more soon!



  1. The tights are really cute and the head pieces are gorgeous!

  2. Wow you are so crafty those headbands are amazing!

  3. The headband is gorgeous, you are really talented :)

  4. These are all lovely! You're so creative x Sushi