Sunday, March 3, 2013

sparkle on sparkle

Dress: Etsy
Tights: American Apperal
Shoes: Tic Tac Toes
Hair comb: DIY

Pretty much anything that is shiny or covered in glitter is something that I will automatically buy before thinking about whether it's something I need or not. I am the magpie of all magpies, especially when it comes to clothing. I saw this dress on etsy about a month ago and bought it before even considering if I need another party dress (I don't).  White metallic lace was just too much to pass up for me, plus the price was right. Being the impulse buyer and wearer that I am, I couldn't wait to wear this dress until it got warmer, so I decided to go overboard and pair it with my most sparkly and shiny things.  So basically I look like a giant ball of glitter, but that's pretty alright with me. Do you know how hard it is for me to not cover myself in glitter every single day?! Sometimes you just have to roll with your impulses.

These pictures were taken in Alton, IL, just up the road from where I live and supposedly one of the most haunted places in the U.S. It sits on bluffs right next to the Mississippi, and has tons of old beautiful houses that are also extremely creepy.  There is some cool folklore/history that goes along with the city, like the Piasa bird, Robert Wadlow (tallest man to ever live!), and an old confederate prison that now lies mostly in shambles. It's a fun place to visit with lots of antique malls, although half of them are supposed to be haunted!


  1. I love all the silver metallics! What a cool sounding area. I love haunted stuff...

  2. looks like cobalt blue is having a comeback :) love how it looks with metallics!

  3. This such an adorable and sweet outfit!