Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Sole Society

I repainted my room a couple of weeks ago on a whim because I was tired of the lavender color and wanted something a little brighter, so I picked out mint green, but it turned out a lot more vibrant than I thought it was going to be (although it's hard to tell in these photos). I like it, though! Thanks to one of my friends, I was able to finish it in one day! It's a wonder what a new coat of paint can do! I also found a table to put my crafts stuff on. Now I don't have to spread it out all over my floor now! Hooray! Aaand, I coincidentally found a Hello Kitty sewing machine that matches my room, although I picked that out before I painted my room! Now I just have to learn how to use it.

These pictures turned out dark, but taking pictures in my room is always so awkward. I always think it's going to be a good idea before I do it, because then I can just awkwardly stand around in my room instead of awkwardly standing around outside, but my windows face East, and there never seems to be a good angle to get the light.  There's a lot of stuff around my room, so there usually isn't space for my big, clunky tripod.  But, here they are anyway! I thought it might be nice to capture some of the stuff I have around my room.  The crazy picture of the cat above my tiny bookshelf was made by my grandma a long time ago, and I recently found it in my closet and decided to hang it up. It's probably one of my favorite things in my room right now!



  1. This dress reminds me so much of Moonrise Kingdom- which, of course, is a great thing! :) also I love the color you chose to repaint your room and that matching sewing machine is adorable <3
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  2. That dress is seriously so amazing. What a find. You look great in every dang colour!