Thursday, July 3, 2014

Melodramatic Prom

Dress: Vintage
Hair thing: made by me

Welp, it's been a while since I've posted on this blog. A lot has happened the past few months! I moved to an apartment at the beginning of the year, so a lot of time has been consumed by slowly moving stuff in and decorating on a budget.  Half a year later and I basically have everything set up, so one of these days I will do an apartment tour.  The biggest issue is that I'm living in internet exile, so I have to mooch it off of friends and family when I can! Right now I'm at my parents, so here I am!
Since I have a space of my own now, I can take more pictures indoors! That's more my style, because I really hate going out in public and doing it. I get so self-conscious! I didn't really expect much out of these shots, but it was fun to just put on a bunch of fancy dresses and wear silly hair pieces that would make me feel like I'm too overdone if I walked outside in them. Anyway, these are just a few I took.  I'll have more later!


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