Monday, December 22, 2014

Holly Berry

Skirt: vintage
Blouse: vintage
Headband: made by me

I started this Ulyana Sergeenko inspired headband a few weeks ago and I finally finished it in time for Christmas! I've made another attempt at making one of these headbands, but it was more like a fascinator.  This is actually attached to a headband, so it will be easier to wear, although I'm not too sure I'll wear it out of the house much.  It's a tad dramatic and I already get enough side-eyes as it is. I was hoping maybe I could wear it to a Christmas party, but since Christmas is 3 days away, I doubt I will get the chance.  I'll just have to twirl around with it in my bedroom!

My velvet skirt was something I've been eyeing at one of my favorite vintage stores for like 2 years. I've tried it on several times, but it was originally $75, which is a little steep for my librarian budget. Sadly, the store is going out of business, so I got it for 40% off.  I'm pretty happy with it and I've worn it a few times already!

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