Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Shopping Uniform

Lately, I've been spending entirely too much time shopping for Christmas gifts (just ask my bank account).  This year, I'm giving gifts that have been handmade, either by me or another artisan.  I can't wait to share pictures of what I've been making!  I'm going to add a few to the shop, but not until after the holidays.  I don't want to ruin any surprises!
Also - all this shopping calls for comfortable shoes, a bag big enough to fit all my purchases in, not to mention my knitting for the inevitable coffee break, and pieces that are comfortable without being too sloppy.  Plus, if I get too warm in the store, my sweater totally fits in my tote!

P.S.  Also, I'm debating getting a fringe again...I've been doing this new center part thing, but I don't know.  Any thoughts?  I'd like to avoid the deranged kindergartener look.

P.P.S.  Sorry these pics are a bit blurry!  Katie and I were having a heck of a time with my camera...neither of us is particularly tech-savvy, and I think we were a half step away from just lighting a candle for the camera and annointing it with oil in the hopes it would take pity on us.

cropped sweater - Wooden Ships,  tunic - AG,  jeans - Gap,  shoes - Tom's,  tote - sidney and sons (Etsy),  necklace - made by me      


  1. You have a great DIY shop, i was checking it out yesterday and my best friend was all omgggggg those earrings i want them, give them to me., please please please (LOL, right?) she goes crazy for handmade jewellery! i wonder do you ship in Greece (that's where i live)? and if you do ship in Greece, i wonder how much do we have to pay to get our stuff? i mean i am broke right now!lol...
    by the way mind you checking out my blog
    i just made it and i still don't have followers, which of course makes me sad, but its ok i mean it doesn't matter, i made it because i love fashion
    so i stop talking now...cause if i don't i won't shut up later...
    hope that you will check it out (and possibly follow???) and that you will answer my question.

  2. you look great and I hope you got all your x mas shopping done!!

  3. @marianne m - thanks for the comment and question! we would definitely ship to greece. if you give me your city and postal code, i can give you a cost estimate. i'm so glad you like the earrings! :O) i'll definitely be checking out your blog, too.

  4. Hey i checked it out and unfortunately my city won't allow shipment for the entire december month (sucks to live here) but i will definetely inform you when shippment will be allowed again.
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    thank u