Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meet John Doe

                                                                Blouse: Ziezo in STL
                                                                Skirt: H&M
                                                                Belt: Forever21
                                                                Shoes: Forever21

I like this outfit because it feels kind of like something Barbara Stanwyck would have worn in one of her 1940s, working girl movies . . . perhaps Meet John Doe? Anyway, the blouse I got for my birthday at a little shop on the Delmar Loop in St. Louis.  I'm kind of obsessed with peter pan collars and fancy things that tie around necks, so this is the perfect shirt for me! Plus, I love the beige and black together!
I hope everyone's holiday shopping is going better than my own.  Due to a lack of funds and an obsession with DIYing, I decided I was going to make most of my gifts this year. NEVER AGAIN! Maybe it's because all the projects I decided to do are unexpectedly time consuming, but honestly, I had no idea that it would take this long, and I've been working on them for weeks! Not that I think my friends and family's gifts shouldn't take weeks to complete, but it's just that I'm not sure if I'm going to get them all done in time! Yikes!
Has anyone else decided to make their gifts this year? what are you making if you are?
I introduced my mom to pinterest recently, and she's become as obsessed with it as I am. I could seriously spend hours just looking at everything on there. Is anyone else using pinterest? If so, we should  follow each other! It's super fun!



  1. That blouse is everything I want in life!

    Mostly though, I just had to come and tell you how excited I get whenever you comment over at my blog, because your username makes me SO HAPPY! It is kind of amazing :D

  2. The blouse and skirt are so flowy and adorable on you. You look darling :)

    xo, Samantha

  3. a few of my favorite things: peter pan collars, collars with a bow, beige and black together :) your outfit is so pretty!

  4. Very pretty blouse!

  5. Lovely! Pale pink and black is such a good combination. it maybe the first time I see you on high heels? (or does my memory suck? ^^)
    About gifts, I gave up and bought them this year...I agree, doing all the gifts yourself is very time consuming! But the pro is that people can feel you care and you love them, so...
    Life is a romantic poem

  6.'s actually beige? It looked like pale pink to me -_-

  7. You look stunning - this outfit is beautiful! :)

  8. Oh how sweet this outfit is! I just adore your pretty vintage looking blouse...the peter pan collar on it and the little tie and too darling for words! xx

  9. –°harming shirt! i like contrast collar so much!