Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Howwwlllidays

Christmas at my parents' house means card games, cookies from my Aunt Joannie, and four dogs in the house.  My parents have a greyhound and a mastiff, and I have a greyhound and a wiener dog.  Ella the mastiff and Bodo the wiener dog were too busy engaging in their unlikely, yet hilarious, love affair to pose for any pictures, but the Ellie and Dyna the greyhounds were more than happy to oblige!  (and by the way, that's a parents have a mastiff named Ella and a greyhound named Ellie.  it's a long story.)

cardigan: thrifted,  tank: H&M,   scarf: Fort Makers via Of a Kind,  purse: Coach (thrifted),  tote: JADEtribe,  jeans: Z. Cavaricci,  shoes: Tom's,  bracelet: Dogeared (a Christmas gift!)
Featuring Dyna Dog (black) and Ellie (brindle)

This outfit is on constant rotation in my wardrobe, but it also happens to be very holiday-appropriate.  I made my momma proud and I didn't even have to wear a reindeer sweater.  Although, let's be honest.  If that reindeer sweater were comfortable and soft, I'd wear that sucker through April.

Junk in the Trunk:  all mine.  thanks, holiday snacks!

Also, I cut myself some bangs.  I had a super bad day where I found out I didn't get into the nursing clinicals I really wanted, plus someone stole my debit card and went on an amazon shopping spree.  For some reason, in my emotional distress, I thought a self-given haircut would be a good idea.  Has anyone else ever done this?
Anyway, I like them! (thank goodness)
ALSO also - look at what my co-blogger/dear friend Katie made me for Christmas!!  It's an angry kitty wallet!!  I'm in love with his grouchy lil face.  THANK YOU KATIE!!!



  1. I LOVE the bangs! Nice job! I always try cutting my own layers when my hair isn't laying quite right - big mistake. I'm terrible with scissors.

    I love this festive non-cheesy outfit, you look so cute AND you made mama proud :)

  2. Good ideas and wonderful pictures!

  3. Aw, you look really cute. I love that sweater. Your bangs look great :)

  4. Love your whole outfit! I particularly like the print on your sweater- so perfect for winter. And the dogs are too cute. I really like greyhounds even if they are a bit odd looking :-)