Friday, July 6, 2012

28 Weeks...

     You know how sometimes, you see a photo of yourself and think, "Do I really look like THAT?!?"?  I did that times a million for all of the pics I took of this outfit!  I'm starting to look PREGNANT pregnant at 28 weeks.  As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to spend as little as possible on maternity clothes, so nothing in this outfit is technically "maternity".  I wore the dress as part of my Halloween costume two years ago when I was (you guessed it) a kitty, and my awesome friend Erin gave me the cardigan earlier this year when she was cleaning out her closet.  Thanks, Erin!  I wear it about three times per week, at least!
     You know, this is a side note, but I have been seriously considering writing an article about being pregnant and plus size.  It is NOT easy to find clothes that are comfortable, look nice, and are affordable when you're above a size 12 and preggo!  My solution has been to look to my own closet.  I kept anything with an Empire waist, all my cardigans, and anything tunic-like or oversized out.  The rest, I packed away for next year.  I supplemented with two pairs of maternity jeans from Gap (which goes up to a size 20 online), two identical, white tank tops from Old Navy, and a couple of random t-shirts and skirts that I found on super sale at Target.  I've spent about $100 on pregnancy clothing, and it's worked out just fine.  If I had had the patience (or been well enough), I could have spent less by thrifting more aggressively.  As it is, I'm pretty satisfied with my maternity wardrobe. 
     I hope you're all doing well and staying cool!


cardigan: gift,  dress: H&M,  lipstick: Mac 'Girl About Town'

12 weeks to go...

One of my favorite things about pregnancy?  The hair!  I think it's grown an inch at least.

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  1. having classic pieces that you can mix and match i feel is key for stretching your wardrobe during your pregnancy! you look adorable!