Sunday, August 12, 2012

Natural Thing

Belt: Vintage
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Forever 21, color diy by me
Heart pin: diy

This is the first sleeveless piece of clothing I've owned in probably 10 years, mostly because I don't like to show off my rippling, yet flabby man biceps.  However, I found this dress acceptable enough as far as the sleeveless department goes, and lately I've been on a white dress kick.  My heart pin was inspired by this painting of a lady fencer wearing a heart on her dress.  I'm not sure of the significance of the heart worn by lady fencers back in olden times (I was inspired to look for more pictures of lady fencers and noticed that they all seemed to be wearing them). Could it be a target (stab me right here)? Whatever the significance, I thought they looked fancy and decided to make one of my own! 

Lately, all I've been wanting to do is read, but I keep getting interrupted by the desire to go out and see people, so the result is a giant stack of half read books next to my bed.  I hate half read books, even ones I'm not all that interested in! It's as annoying as a messy room that I just can't seem to clean. Case in point, one of the half read books I'm reading right now is called Home Fires by Gene Wolfe.  It's all sci-fiey with aliens, intergalactic wars, and a cruise hijacked by pirates! It sounds amazing, but I find it kind of boring so far. However, the expectation that it's going to really pick up and get amazing keeps me reading, even though I'm on page 100 and it feels like nothing happened.  I should just put it down and finish my other books, but I can't seem to throw in the towel yet, so my stack of books keeps getting higher.  It doesn't help that I work in a library! Anyway, have any of you read anything good lately?



  1. Well this dress looks amazing on you so no worries about showing some (arm) skin! I also love the panting reference <3
    I can understand what you mean, I don't like half-read books too, even if I don't like it I make an effort and finish the whole book.

  2. Such a pretty dress!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Don't worry about the arm thing - as long as you feel fab, you'll look it too (mostly anyway). Just have to gush about how beautiful your brogues are - I MEAN TURQUOISE two-tone brogues? I really, really want to take them from you.

  4. Adorable! I am loving that little heart pin :)

  5. You are crazy about your arms! I'm glad you decided to wear something sleeveless, this dress is wonderful! And I love the fun touches of the sequined belt and heart pin! Great styling :)

  6. i don't like to wear sleeveless stuff either. so i can understand your thought but must say there's no back up for it cause your arms look fine! :) the dress suits you perfectly!

  7. i love the touch of auqa and gold!!