Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Swimming on Land

     Eight months pregnant, 103 degrees outside, 40+ pounds over my usual weight....things happen.  Like, wearing a swim suit cover-up as a dress.  All I can say is, I was really, really comfortable.  I've got four or five weeks left in this crazy pregnancy, and then I'll be a momma!  This whole pregnancy has been so stressful, with the ovarian cancer diagnosis, restricted movement, and general body image issues that everyone probably experiences.  I can't wait to hold my baby girl in my arms and be cancer free.  I so look forward to rebuilding my strength and taking baby Maggie to mommy and me yoga classes, and just being able to walk the dogs again and lift more than five pounds at a time. 
     I've also officially succumbed to pregnancy brain.  To any of you who are currently around pregnant women, please be extra nice to them.  Even when they wear swim suit cover-ups in public and pretend they're real clothes.  Even when they accuse their boyfriend of trying to lock them in the bathroom, when really they were pulling the door the wrong way (yesterday.  sorry, Matt.).  And even when they forget their own phone number when trying to make a doctor appointment (two days ago).  Sigh. 

swimsuit cover-up: Target (old).  belt: Coldwater Creek.  bracelet:  diy.

Jacket: anthropologie (last year)



  1. Well you make that swimsuit cover up HOT! You look like quite the happy mama to be.

  2. This is a swimsuit cover-up? If all of them looked like cute maxi dresses, I'd by swimsuit cover-ups more often! You really do look great, the whole "pregnancy glow" thing is actually true!

  3. I would have never known this was a swimsuit cover up! You look great :)

  4. You gotta wear what works! You look great!

  5. What a gorgeous mama to be! I say when you're pregnant you can pretty much get away with anything, so wear what you want lady! <3

  6. You look beautiful! Such a happy mama, you have the most wonderful smile. :-) And that swimsuit coverup totally works on you, especially with that awesome jacket! I'd steal it! :-D