Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Technicolor Dream

                                                                 Dress: Vintage
                                                                 Tights: Target
                                                                  Shoes: Forever21, glitter DIY
This outfit is perhaps a little costumey or a little Dorothy looking, but I really like the color combination of robin's egg blue (or is it turquoise? I don't really know) and red.  Also, it gave me an excuse to wear my glitter shoes, so I find that a win-win situation. It makes me feel like I'm in a technicolor movie!


  1. I love this dress! It reminds me of Jackie O's infamous pink suit! Love!

  2. you look like jackie o mixed with dorothy...and i love it!!

  3. I love this!! That vintage dress is stunning and it fits you perfectly. I agree with Two Birds, definitely Jackie O meets Dorothy... love it!

  4. Aww this dress, it's too amazing, I love the colour and the shape...and those red shoes are so unexpected. Just wow :)
    Life is a romantic poem

  5. You're a cutie patooootie! I have been meaning to ask you - how do I follow your blog through GFC? There's no link anywhere! I'd have followed you a lot sooner otherwise! I'm following on Bloglovin' of course but I don't really use it :)

  6. Another great dress! You look like a Mad Men cast member, like one of the secretaries in the office. The colour and cut of this are ace.

    Charmaine xxx